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Message from Tatsuo TAKANO, President

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NEXCO East Group engages in the management-and-operation (3,943km), construction (green field: 86km, widening: 245km) of expressways, rest areas (328 spots) and other expressway-related businesses in the eastern part of Japan as of March 2023, 2.91 million vehicle uses our expressways a day, and toll revenue reached JPY 791.7 billion in fiscal year 2022.

We have developed highway related technologies and accumulated expertise which is adapted to various natural and social environments. These are based on over half a century of our experience in terms of planning, design, maintenance, operation, and construction of highway projects in Japan. Using its technology and knowledge, Nexco East Group will continue to contribute towards world’s development through ‘quality infrastructure exports’, duly promoted by the Japanese government.

We have been committed to the development of the road network in the world through ODA and taken steps in our endeavor towards provision of safe, secure, comfortable and convenient road network worldwide utilizing our technology and expertise to all road stakeholders.

Aiming for a specific local entry, we had established a base in India in 2009. Since then in the last decade, we have built up a human network, provided technical advisory services, entered in toll road projects in operation, and gathered road sectorial information in the country

E-NEXCO INDIA Private Limited has started its activities in November 2019 as the first overseas subsidiary of NEXCO East Group. With this small but first one step, we will take next steps in the land of India aiming to be widely accepted by the Indian society and contribute towards their future.

By the development and the improvement of road infrastructures from safety, secure, and comforts, we, E-Nexco India, will make every effort to contribute to people’s lives in India.
November 2023


Company Profile

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    Tatsuo TAKANO, President
  • Date of Establishment
    October 16, 2019
  • Capital Amount
    INR 309 Million
  • Office Address
    Office No.318, Bestech Chambers (Radisson Suites), B-Block, Sushant Lok, Phase-1, Gurgaon 122002, Haryana, India
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Company Mission

  • E-NEXCO INDIA will contribute to the provisions of safe, secure, comfortable and convenient overseas road spaces by exporting high-quality infrastructure.
  • Social responsibility towards the international community through collaborative efforts.
  • Promote overseas business demonstrating the comprehensive capabilities of the NEXCO East Group.
  • Employees to foster global mindset through International cooperation and overseas business, thereby building the future of NEXCO East Group.